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In order to optimise the website in terms of system performance, usability and the provision of useful information about its services, ZRC SAZU automatically collects and stores information in log files on the user’s computer. This information includes data on the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, the browser type and language settings, the operating system, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the date/time of the visit.

ZRC SAZU uses these data to effectively manage the website in order to find out more about user behaviour across the web pages, to analyse trends and to collect comprehensive demographic information about the users. The collected data may be used for marketing and advertising purposes, as well as for communication (for example, optimizing and enhancing the user experience to guarantee more attractive offers and services).

In the event of the usage of data that are not personal data, together with personal data, such data are treated as personal data as long as they are used collectively.

The Declaration on the Protection of Personal Data  from these Terms and Conditions applies also to the data gathered from cookies and other comparable techniques.

What is a cookie?

Websites and web pages, e-mails, web services, advertising and interactive applications can use “cookies” for the optimization of services.

A cookie is a small file usually containing a sequence of letters and numbers that is loaded into the user’s terminal equipment (computer, mobile device, etc.; generally referred to in these Terms and Conditions as: “computer”) when visiting the https://Fishercoast.si website (ZRC SAZU sends the cookie file from its web server to the hard drive on the user’s computer). For example, this allows the https://Fishercoast.si website to identify the user’s devices when a connection between the web server and the web browser is established. The main purpose of a cookie is to enable the web server to provide the user with customised web pages, allowing for a more personal experience during a visit to this website and to better respond to the needs and requirements of individual users. Cookies allow ZRC SAZU to obtain more information about how users use its website and also serve as a means of improving a user’s experience during their visit to a particular web page.

What kinds of cookies are used on the website https://Fishercoast.si?

The website https://Fishercoast.si may use the following types of cookies:

Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that are stored in the log file in the user’s browser for the entire duration of the user’s session (that is, for the duration of browsing and are then deleted at the end of the session). These cookies are required for the proper operation of specific applications or functionalities on the website napotenidelavci.si;

Persistent cookies: https://Fishercoast.si uses these permanent cookies for improving the user experience (for example, for saving information about registration, website language settings and similar). These cookies remain in the cookies file in the user’s browser for a longer period, until they are deleted. The period of time is dependent upon the choice that the user has made in the settings of his Internet browser. Persistent cookies enable information to be transferred to the website’s server each time that someone visits the website. Persistent cookies are also known as tracking cookies;

First party cookies: these are cookies from the website https://Fishercoast.si that the user seers and may be permanent (persistent) or temporary (session). The website uses these cookies for saving information that it can reuse upon the user’s next visit to the website;

Third-party cookies: these cookies are from other partner websites (for example, those that measure web traffic). The third-party page can in this way gather data about the users from different websites and use them for different purposes, from advertising or analytics to improving their products.

Further information about cookies can be found at http://www.allaboutcookies.org.

Whenever the user’s permission is required for the use or setting of cookies, the owner of the website https://Fishercoast.si will request the user’s permission prior to using them or installing them on the user’s device (computer).

Tracking and analysis

For the continuous optimization of its marketing communications on its website, the owner of the website https://Fishercoast.si uses the analytic software Google Analytics by Google Inc., which uses cookies for the purposes of analysing the traffic (counting visitors, identifying browsers and keywords that lead to the web location, problems when navigating). The website, or rather, the owner of the website https://Fishercoast.si notifies the user about the cookies and installs them on the user’s device (computer), as well as gives the user the opportunity to refuse the cookies.

This enables the tracking of online behaviour; at the collection stage, the cookies store information about how users use the site, including the number of pages displayed, where the user comes from (geographic location), the time of visit and the number of visits, in order to improve the website and to ensure a good experience for the user. These data are collected via tracking cookies. The data obtained through cookies are anonymous and are not linked to personally identifiable information. The owner of the website https://Fishercoast.si does not share this information with any third party for their independent use. If the user does not accept cookies, no information is saved.

Cookies of the website and external websites/services:

Cookie namePurposeTypeDurationtDescription
cookie_notice_acceptedfishercoast.siRequired cookies1 yearIt is used to store user decisions about cookies. The validity of the cookie is determined by the user.
_gaGoogle AnalyticsStatistics tracking cookies2 yearsPerforms a unique identity registration (ID) that is used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses the website.
_gatGoogle AnalyticsStatistics tracking cookiesSessionGoogle Analytics uses a cookie to manage the number of requests.
_gidGoogle AnalyticsStatistics tracking cookiesSessionPerforms a unique identity registration (ID) that is used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses the website.

Enabling or disabling of cookies and similar technology

In compliance with regulations, the technical storage of or access to data is permitted exclusively for sole transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or if it is absolutely necessary to ensure the service of the information society that the user explicitly requests. The owner of the website https://Fishercoast.si uses the following cookies for these needs, namely its own session cookies and cookies to count the number of visitors to the site; cookies are stored only as long as necessary to achieve their purpose, or at the longest, for the duration of the user’s browsing session and are deleted at the end of the session.

The user is able to accept or reject all cookies on all websites visited, bearing in mind that most browsers automatically accept cookies; or that their use is blocked by changing the settings on your Internet browser. For example, a user using a version of Internet Explorer 8.0, must take the following steps: 1. Select Tools and then Internet Options 2. click the tab Privacy 3. use the slider to select the desired setting. If you as a user wish to change the settings of your browser or delete cookies for other Internet browsers, you must follow the instructions for the specific browser.

If cookies are disabled, some of the features and total functionality of the website may no longer be available or will no longer work properly.